Our skilled team can provide you with various services including:


     Income Tax Return preparation and advice

     Preparation of income tax objections, amendments, ruling requests and advice

     Capital Gains Tax advice

     Fringe Benefits Tax return preparation and advice

     Goods and Services Tax advice and Business Activity Statement Preparation

     Advice regarding Payroll Tax

     Advice regarding Stamp Duty

     Pay As You Go Instalment Tax Advice and Instalment Activity Statement Preparation

     Assistance and Advice regarding Audits from the Australian Taxation office or NSW Office of State Revenue

     Income Tax advice specific to Primary Producers

     Taxation Advice regarding Superannuation and Self-Managed Superannuation Funds


     Preparation of Statutory Financial Statements

     Preparation of Financial Statements for the preparation of Taxation Returns

     Preparation of Financial Statements for Banks and other third party requirements

     Preparation of Management Accounts

     Preparation of Financial Statements for Self-Managed Superannuation Funds

Business and Specialist Services

     Preparation of Budgets

     Advice regarding Cashflow

     Business Plan Preparation and Advice

     Set up and advice regarding Key Performance Indicators ( KPI's)

     Benchmarking Advice

     Succession Planning

     Estate Planning

     Advice regarding Business Structures

     Advice regarding commencing a business

     Advice regarding winding up a business

     Advice regarding purchasing or selling a business

     Preparation and advice regarding Grant and Assistance applications (for example RAA Applications)

     Assistance and Advice regarding Centrelink Applications

     Advice regarding business accounting software including set up

     Assistance in mediation and litigation of commercial matters including Farm Debt Mediation