Anderson's Investment services Pty Ltd

We are licenced to operate Managed Investment Schemes for wholesale clients. We can also provide depository and custodial services as an incidental service to operating the wholesale managed investment scheme. If you are in need of a licensed entity to operate a scheme for you please do not hesitate to contact us.

Anderson’s currently acts as trustee of The ClearPoint Capital Global Markets Fund.

We can also provide financial advice and services in the following areas:

Financial Planning

Superannuation Advice and Review of Your Funds

Investment Advice and Review of Existing Portfolios

Life Insurance, Income Protection, Risk Insurance (we are a licensed life insurance broker which means we work for you not for the insurance company)

Futures and Derivatives trading advice and services, including hedging of commodities or currencies

Buying and selling of shares, both with advice and on an execution only basis

We can broker commercial Mortgages and Equipment Finance for you.