When you deal with us you will discover you’re dealing with a team of people who have a broad range of knowledge and experience in the following areas:

• Income tax for a wide range of businesses with particularly high skill level in the agribusiness field.

• Finance and lending, commodities markets and how to hedge your crops or currencies.

• Complex capital gains tax matters especially those pertaining to agricultural land and water purchases and sales.

• Our people understand the needs of rural families and our experts can provide detailed advice on succession planning.

Wendy Dillon is an expert on capital gains tax and can help you understand the tax implications of buying or selling land or water before you undertake a transaction.

 We can provide support and assistance in mediation and litigation of commercial matters including farm debt mediation. Anderson’s Investment Services Pty Ltd is the holder of an Australian financial services licence. This means we are an independent provider of financial advice on matters pertaining to investment, insurance, superannuation and financial planning. We have no alignment with any one bank, insurance company or investment provider. As a result you can rely on the fact that you will be provided with fully independent advice when you come to see us.

Ross Anderson and David Marchese are both authorised representatives of Anderson’s Investment Services Pty Ltd and can help you navigate with confidence through the financial world.

 Anderson’s Investment Services Pty Ltd is also a registered life insurance broker. This means we can help you choose the best insurance for your needs. We are acting on your behalf and not as agent of the insurance company.

 We can provide you with detailed advice on Australian shares and managed investment funds including recommendations of what to buy or sell.

 Over the years we’ve been able to make some very successful timing calls on share markets: for example we warned all our clients that the GFC (Global financial crisis) was approaching and advised them to sell all their shares in 2007; we also advised our clients to avoid US stocks from 1999 onwards in the lead up to the NASDAQ crash in 2001.

If you are a wholesale client you may be interested in the Global Markets Fund run by us through our funds management arm Clearpoint Capital Ltd. Details can be found at www.clearpointcapital.com.au .